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With all this travelling over the past month, I have almost forgotten to share my favourites from my latest drop of handmade floral headpieces! I remember clearly that the last drop of headpieces featured lots of forest birds as I was so inspired by a mother bird’s nest in our front garden. It was a nest which peeped from behind the leaves of a rose bush and over weeks we watched the baby birds hatch, grow and leave their nest. This is probably why I was so inspired to use more birds in these headpieces! The love birds frolicking amongst the flower fields next to their houses are one of my favourite pieces to wear on my hair and also one of my favourite designs. Also amongst this drop was a whole new batch of flower crowns, miniature rose pins and vines as well – some of which have already sold out quickly since :’-) I’ve been busy over the past week working on refilling my shop with many more one of a kind headpieces and can’t wait let you all know first when it arrives in store. I’m also having a lot of fun looking at all of the #kisforkanitagged images from customers on Instagram and am so pleased and excited to see my headpieces in homes around the world. I’m taking a break from my studio now and getting some more Europe posts edited and drafted. See you soon with a new blog update!