Miu Miu

Introducing.. one of my most exciting purchases from my European adventure! I’ve been in the market for some new sunglasses for a while to fight the heavy rays of Australia’s Summer. When I was in Sydney during the NYE weekend at the end of last year, I popped by the Miu Miu store to have a browse. A certain pair of shades caught my eyes. They were a suede version of those popular Miu Miu noirs that have been around for a couple of years now in multiple shades of glittery goodness. Oh – and they were pretty and had only just come out recently and had been apparently exclusively released in Australia first! (The excuses I tend to make up in my head for myself.) However, as I was going to head to Europe for a month, I thought I really didn’t need them just quite yet and let them pass by. Whilst Tom & I were wandering the small back lanes bordering San Marco Square in Venice, we stumbled upon a lane of luxury designers and before I knew it, I found myself trying them on again. I ended up purchasing them and am loving them so very much so far. They are a really feminine, very Miu Miu pair of sunnies, with a dusty pink and mauve contrast frame & gradient lenses.