I’ve just started collating and editing my Venice photos and thought I would share with you one of my favourite photos from my time there. It’s a photo of the grand canal which I took from a vantage point on the Rialto Bridge. Venice is such an amazing place and when we first walked out of Venezia Santa Lucia train station, we were thoroughly impressed. It’s absolutely like those postcards and photos you see online and feels like you’ve walked a couple of centuries back in time. Venice, to my surprise, does not have roads for cars. The only transport that operates in the city are boats, with the most popular being the Vaporetto – or water bus. You can see a couple of these off in the distance in the photo above, as well as a vaporetto station towards the left of the photo. They are painfully slow, especially after coming from cities like London where the tube goes at about 40,000 miles an hour. However, what they lack in speed is made up by the most on-the-budget picturesque view of the city via the grand canal. A single trip of a Vaporetto is normally 7euro (pretty steep, even more expensive than public transport in Australia). However, after stumbling across a forum online, Tom & I found out that we could buy a three day youth pass for only 18euro and we highly recommend all of those under 29 years of age to ask about it if you’re ever in Venice! And when you take the vaporetto at an off-peak hour of the day, you’ll be able to travel from one end of Venice to another, whilst enjoying striking uninterrupted views of this beautiful water town that is Venezia. More photos to come!