Wearing: Sessun wool coat, Primark scarf & Lonely Hearts velvet pinafore

I’m finding it so hard to cull down the amount of photos in this post as Venice is just that charming! Flicking through my photos, I’ve noticed that I had taken so many photos of the Grand Canal – so I might as well do an entire post on it to share with you just what it’s like! When we were in Venice, we stayed at a hotel just two minutes from Santa Maria Della Salute which was about half an hour away from Rialto bridge – a favourite destination of ours. So every time we needed to visit the Railto bridge – whether it be shopping for souvenirs, eating gelati, admiring the water view from a tourist’s eyes or buying fresh fruit from the market, we’d have to take a very long ride down this water channel. Hence the numerous photos that have been taken, per above! I’ve heard that most of the buildings that line the canal are at least 200 years old and up to 800 years old and I just love the Venetian style architecture of them all. They have a vivid yet worn down look to them which really adds to the photogenicity of the city and grand canal itself. The Rialto Bridge is definitely a prime location to experience the Grand Canal and if you take a walk along the side paths, you will also find a beautiful paper & quill shop, scattered love locks, a gondola station and a very hard to find supermarket, Coop!