Wearing: Handmade hair wreath, ASOS raincoat, Kate Sylvester lace top, Karen Walker shorts, 2 by Lyn & Tony necklace, Louis Vuitton LV Alma BB bag, Gorman x Kit socks and See by Chloe sneaker wedges.

Just before I left for Sydney, I did a quick weather forecast check and realised that it was forecasted to rain for the majority of the week. Frantic, I searched for an umbrella. My last one which I bought when I was 16 had broken at one of the ribs (?) so that was no longer an option. Then I remembered I had bought a raincoat a year ago – it was the perfect substitute! On day two of MBFWA, it was pretty much pouring the whole day. Every time we went out to try and take a few outfit photos, it would start to rain. There were points in time when we were so over it that we simply started snapping away in the rain until it got too big to continue. The deed was done in the end and as you can see, it was quite wet on that day! I was really glad I had brought this raincoat with me and wore it on that day, otherwise I’d be dripping wet. It was also the perfect day to wear my See by Chloe sneaker wedges – so comfy for the feet that I can even run in them. I paired these boyish shoes with a touch of lace, polka dots, my trusty Alma and some flowers and birds in my hair :-)