¬†Wearing: Alice McCall ‘Payout’ top, Shakuhachi ‘Gypsy’ leather skirt, Louis Vuitton LV Alma BB bag, vintage scrunchie & Faith white heels

MBFWA Day#4. It seems that the days are just getting more and more cold in Melbourne and I am finding myself thoroughly missing Sydney and its seemingly warmer weather. Take this for example. I can’t believe seven days ago I was really not that cold to be wearing the above. Today, I find myself huddled up in three layers. It may be the fact that I am not in the sun but rather at my desk.. and also the fact that the only bodily movement I am making is typing on this keyboard rather than running between shows (which is where my scrunchie comes in in case I need to keep the wind out of my hair!). I thought I’d also take the chance today to say how much I love my Alma! It’s been so handy lately and has pretty much been the perfect bag for 90% of my outfits, as you can probably tell by how often it’s been making appearances in my posts. Always there for me when I need its pop of colour or just when I need it in general :’-)