Shakuhachi ‘Cyber-Barberella’

I can’t sleep tonight. After going backstage and attending the Shakuhachi show tonight (at 8:30PM) all I could do was dream about those sheer metallic choker necklaces, silver socks & backpacks, statement sunnies and the all-round beauty that was Shakuhachi Summer 14. Really, words cannot describe how much I love this collection – I’ve such a huge mental wish list that I feel like everything is just meant to be (in my wardrobe)! I just love how Jessie White’s collection is so ready-to-wear yet has its details that make each piece so very special. I’m definitely feeling those futuristic vibes so so much. From those neoprene boots to holographic prints and textures, pep hems and structured tops.. it’s the little things that count – and count for so much. Above are some of the highlights from the heap of photos I took – there are so many more that I want to post but can’t since I’m tethering from my phone right now however stay tuned for a backstage post following this one soon.