Wearing: River Island blazer, Shakuhachi top, Shakuhachi leather skirt, Kani name necklace, Fossil watch bangle, PinkLouLou ring, vintage clutch, ASOS belt and Mode Collective French pumps.

{Photos: Tom}

Walking down footpaths filled with foliage is a clear indicator that Autumn is well and truly here. I spent yesterday evening packing away my camis and short sleeve tops and unpacking all my Winter pieces which haven’t seen the light of day for a while now. I can’t wait to have my beanies, scarves, thermal tops and heavy coats in rotation again. However whilst the cold weather hasn’t completely taken hold, I’m going to try and maximise the transeasonality of some of my favourite pieces. Nobody has to know if I’m wearing a long sleeve top underneath my shirt.. provided I don’t take my blazer off.