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Ah, uni. Being a uni student sure has it’s perks and drawbacks. First, I am barely even on campus given that my degree Commerce/Law has minimum contact hours. Despite all the self-learning that has to happen behind the scenes (cue about 100 pages+ of law readings we are prescribed to decode and summarise every single week), it’s really not all that bad given I live almost an hour from campus. I’d rather not make that trip every day. Then there’s the yearly 4 months+ worth of weeks off that aren’t so bad either. And then there’s exams. The crazy stupid anti-love of about a month of hair pulling destined to make me disappear off my blog twice yearly in early June and late October. The explanation of where I have been for the past few weeks. Well I’m glad that’s over!

During SWOTVAC, whenever I’m not in the mood to study, I sit in my studio and make headpieces. By the end of it all, I had quite a collection of flowery goodness waiting to be shot and listed. So that is exactly what I did yesterday. I shot over a thousand photos and edited more than 200 of them late last night. It was so good to finally spend time doing things that I love and I was so happy to have been able to complete my goal of shooting and listing every single new creation I had sitting in my studio so far that I almost forgot to go to bed!

So here’s a peek of what’s new and in store now. A lot of one of a kind statement flower crown headbands, some birds to pin into your hair dos and a few wedding inspired bridal crowns as well. Shop the entire update on kisforkani.