Wearing: Three Floor ‘Mischief’ dress, Jolie & Deen triangle necklace, Jolie & Deen infinity bracelet, Lucy Folk woven bracelet, handmade rings, Mode Collective french pumps, handmade floral crown headband & Essie ‘Bobbing for Baubles’ {Photos: Rowena}

It seemed like one of those days that are never ending and extremely bland (‘past’ me did not realise that there would be a sudden politics saga coming up in the afternoon – Welcome back, Rudd!). I literally hadn’t stopped filing all day until there was a knock on the door from the postman who confusedly delivered a massive bunch of roses from who he thought was from my boyfriend, but was actually addressed from Topshop. Yes sir, that’s his name.. Anyway before I go back to giving my undivided attention to the ABC news, here are a few photos I shot this afternoon. I just love this Three Floor piece. Conveniently named the ‘mischief’ dress, it was perfect for having some mischief in throwing my hair around with the sun glowing from behind. I can’t wait to give this dress some more wear. I love the faux leather trims and lace detail, though the thing I love most about Three Floor is how they so craftily place opaque nude mesh in places that give the dress both coverage and an illusion of interesting structure. If you don’t look closely, this dress would have cut outs on the side and could almost be strapless and defying gravity!