Wearing: ASOS fur beanie, Zara yellow checkered coat, ASOS stripe top, vintage silk scarf, Friend of Mine leather skirt, Perfume Jewelry necklace, ASOS bag & Topshop buckled boots. {Photos: Rowena}
A sunny Saturday morning and it seems like I’ve decided to spend the majority of it staring at my ceiling trying very hard to stop time from going by. Of course it didn’t work and here I am an hour behind on doing the errands I was going to do instead of attempting to work my mental magic on the clock. University starts on the Monday and I could not be more excited.. I was going to write this post yesterday night however Life of Pi got the better chunk of the evening and I found myself in bed hours earlier than normal attempting to go through as many pages as possible before midnight.
So good morning, weekend. I was once again planning not to do any work today but when do things ever go to plan? So before I go see Tom, here’s a post on an outfit last week. It seems like I have a current obsession with origami cut bottoms like these. First the Zara skorts, now the Friend of Mine leather skirt. The day I picked up the Zara skorts, I also impulsively bought this coat as well. It reminded me of Louis Vuitton’s Spring/Summer 2013 check crazy collection (*cue dreamy eyes*) and that was basically all it took to make me want to buy it now now now. With my favourite beanie – this extremely faux and furry warm little thing from ASOS – and my buckle boots I picked up at Topshop Oxford St London, I was good to go for a bit of shopping on a rainy day.