1: Sennheiser Momentum headphones, River Island stripe top, Lonely Hearts velvet pinafore, Perfume Necklace ‘harmony’ necklace, Lisa Mitchell ‘Bless This Mess’, Yen #63 CD. 2: Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh, Glasshouse ‘Montego Bay’ candle, Matrix Biolage Exquisite Oils, Karen Walker bunny ring via Beginning Boutique, Alice McCall x Indah solid perfume. 3: Perfume Necklace ‘harmony’ necklace, Chanel Chance solid perfume rocks. 4: Disney Couture tinkerbell earrings, Motel Rocks white dress. 5: as above. 6: IKEA catalogue, Yen #63, Frankie #54, Choosing Eden by Adrienne Langman, PinkLouLou ring, Etsy ring. 7: Marc Jacobs Daisy & Daisy Eau So Fresh. 8: As above. 9: Dior nail polish, Kester Black glitter polish10: K is for Kani orchid headband, Hello May #2, Hitched #2. 10: K is for Kani rainbow rose headband

Ahoy, the first day of semester 2 uni. I thought I’d share today a collation of photos depicting a few of my favourite things scattered around my bedroom right now. Whilst most of my belongings are in cardboard boxes ready for moving house, these are a few possessions of mine that are still around. If anyone sat in my car, they would realise that I am currently (or have been for many months) obsessed with two particular CDs which are continually playing in loop – I just love Lisa Mitchell’s current album and have loved her music since I first saw her on Australian Idol! The CD that came with Yen a couple of months ago has also got a selection of cool soothing melodies from many Aussie local artists which I love as well. On high rotation on my nails are my two favourite shades of pink and red – Dior Creole & Diablotine, as well as the ever so sparkly and fun glitter polish from Kester Black. If I had to choose three Winter nail colours to live in – those three would be it. On my perfume shelf sits a couple of Daisy bottles (Oh Lola has unfortunately already been boxed and packed away). Marc Jacobs Honey certainly wouldn’t look too bad next to them! If anyone needs a book recommendation, Choosing Eden which I just finished last month is an eye-opening and extremely eery read about the energy crisis – especially as petrol prices are at an all time high in Melbourne at the moment. Lastly, I was extremely exciting seeing my etsy shop featured in the latest issue of the beautiful bridal magazine ‘hello may’. Whilst I was at Magnation, I casually flipped through ‘Hitched’ and was pleasantly surprised to see a feature on one of my customers’ wedding and as I my eyes turned to the bottom right of the page, I saw her bridesmaids wearing headpieces from my shop. What a joyful discovery to end the month of July :-)