Wearing: Sessun Julie & Candy red parka, Emma Cook for Topshop pink jumper, vintage blouse, Zara bottle green jeans & Topshop black boots amongst an assortment of the warmest & cleanest pieces I could find after a long train journey from Paris!

Monday morning and I was ready to press publish on a post I had prepared a couple of days ago. As I went through my drafts folder, I decided to figure out exactly what all these unnamed posts sitting in my folder were doing. As I opened them one by one, I couldn’t believe that I had forgotten to publish almost ten posts worth travel content from my trip in Europe which honestly was ages ago. I don’t know what happened that caused me to completely forget I had all these travel memories to share and looking at all these unpublished photos made me really miss Europe – as always. In my backlog I have posts of the Harry Potter studios in London, gondola rides in Venice, lakeside cruises in Lucerne and an extremely chilly day at Disneyland. But where to begin? I honestly don’t know. Perhaps this post – a selection of travel photos from our first two days in the small town of Lucerne, Switzerland. Population: About 80,000.

I went to Lucerne with no expectations and left it feeling like it was the most beautiful city I had ever visited. To start off, we had rented an apartment with the most chatty, informed and humorous host who told us everything we needed to know about the city and really got us off on a great start. Learning how to use public transport ticketing machines without knowing a single word of Swiss German was so much easier once you have a local make you memorise all the buttons you need to press to turn the machine into English. Lucerne is a tiny town with a huge heart. The locals were extremely polite, the streets were clean and the landscapes – completely breathtaking. It’s a place of small cars, large macarons and an abundance of Swiss chocolate. The architecture, ornately decorated and full of colour and character. It’s a place where ducks are plentiful & tourist attractions are somewhat minimal (except for the Swiss Alps, which are an absolute must see with Mt Pilatus literally right next to inner Lucerne). And when it comes to small towns like this, spending a few days there really gives you time to explore, observe and appreciate things you normally wouldn’t have time to see if you were chasing tourist hotspots. So if you’re ever looking for a smaller town to visit in Switzerland, I highly recommend you to say ‘grüezi!’ to Lucerne.

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