New handmade floral headpieces now available on

Since moving houses a few weeks ago I haven’t had any time to update my etsy store at all. Faced with the growing number of orders that typically come with welcoming of Spring, I am instead always trying to find enough hours in the day – every day – packing orders, re-listing sold items and answer customer questions. I still haven’t had the time to unpack my studio entire yet and have been operating from a room of exploding flowers (an organised mess, shall I say, for I do know where I’ve put everything!).

It was only after a question from a customer ‘will you be listing some derby day headpieces’ that reminded me that I indeed had a whole box of black and white gems and more, waiting to be photographed and listed. So after a little schedule rearranging here and there, I was able to put aside a spare morning to release these handmade headpieces onto the world wide web. Just in time for Derby Day and everything else you’ve ever wanted a one of a kind floral headpiece for. Shop the update here.