Wearing: Romance was Born bomber jacket, Elliatt dress, Rusty sunglasses, Ecote ankle boots & Vanessa Mooney jewellery.

Typical me. Clashing prints to their limits. I guess that’s what generally eventuates when you have a wardrobe full of multi-coloured pieces and no basics to work them back with. Sometimes I certainly do long for a grey singlet, some black peg leg pants and a camel coloured coat to tame it all down. But the thing is, if I see a singlet in a yellow and orange hexagon print, I’m going to go for that over any shade of grey, any day. If the same pair of pants come in both red and black, there’s no doubt I’m going to go with the former option. I’m serious, I don’t own black pants – the only black bottoms I have are the ones I wear to the gym. Oh, and a pair of jeans. I guess the lack of a basics wardrobe probably comes from the fact that I haven’t really needed a white shirt or black pants for a while. The last time I recall wearing such a corporate ensemble was when I went for a part time retail position interview when I was 16. Actually, scrap that, I went in my school uniform – such a geek I was but at least I got the job! Though sometimes, I kind of miss the polished, understated and classic look that is often spotted in effortlessly dressed Parisiennes. Perhaps in the near future, now that I’ve publicly expressed my kind-of-love for basics, you might just see me in something less colourful on this blog. Or not. Only time will tell!