Look #1 Finders Keepers watercolour bomber (via David Jones), Staple the Label organza top (via David Jones), Finders Keepers watercolour skirt (via David Jones), vintage sweater guard, earrings via PixieMarket and ASOS platform wedges

Look #2 K is for Kani floral headpiece, Cameo print dress (via David Jones), vintage snowflake bangle, PinkLouLou daisy ring, ASOS clutch and Mode Collective black heels

Look #3 Staple the Label print bomber (via David Jones), MinkPink stripe crop top (via David Jones), MinkPink denim shorts (via David Jones), vintage scrunchie, vintage choker necklace and Wittner white sandals.

Lecturers always emphasise that the mid-sem break is a ‘study break not a holiday’ and that’s quite true. It seems like uni course outlines follow a generic schedule – of the 12 weeks x 5 days = 60 days in a semester, every chief examiner in every faculty always seem to think that there is only one week that is acceptable for making assignments due – the week before the mid-semester break. So it happens that both my major assessments are due right before the break and therefore what lecturers say about mid-sem break is true – it’s for catching up on all of that course content you gave up on in order to meet deadlines for everything that was due before.

Though the better part of mid-sem break is that it’s always the time of year that I switch wardrobes from A/W to S/S. It’s the only semi-adequate time of the year that I have spare time to dig out all of my camisoles, silk dresses and sandals, whilst finding a storage space for my growing amount of winter knits. And whilst I can’t really remember what it is that I own for those warmer days, I know that I have been really inspired of late from looking at all the photos I took at MBFWA earlier this year and seeing those pieces finally hitting the rails at DJs. I know that for me, this S/S will be about every shade of the rainbow. After seeing Finders Keepers’ watercolour bomber/skirt in neoprene (!!) I’ve been as excited to add even more colour to my wardrobe (as I am to finding more neoprene pieces). I know I am also dedicated to sheer organza tops more than ever, especially on those volcanic like 45 degree days that we are graced with every now and then. Botanical prints, bombers that can take you from day to night and a sudden new found love for earrings (since ridding myself of my fringe, I now have ears..) are all going to be shaping my outfits in what looks like a very vibrant season ahead.

It has been such a thrill to have been a youth ambassador for such an iconic Australian department store this month, to be able to share with excitement my favourite #WEARE #WEARECREATORS looks featuring all the things I am looking forward to this season. Be sure to check out Montana Cox in the fab #WEARE video & hope you are all excited as I am to be heading into the fabulous season that is Spring! :-)