Wearing: Victoria’s Secret PINK boyfriend crew,¬†Victoria’s Secret PINK tunic hoodie, Zara skort, ASOS white heels, Wittner flat sandals, Vanessa Mooney necklace {Photos: Rowena}

Tom and I were driving home from pho in Richmond (ready to catch the grand final – not by my choice) when it suddenly started raining. Typical Melbourne, always having the upper hand in making me reconsider doing a U-turn on the busy Victoria St. So anyway it made me ponder. Life would be wonderful without wind, rain and all those other elements of the world which make you want to curl up in a ball amongst your sheets with a jar of tea in one hand and a magazine full of pretty pictures taken on those elusive days when the sun decides to shine. But of course, we cannot choose our weather and rain is oh so good for crops and our gum tree friends. So instead, Chictopia, Victoria’s Secret and I got together for this fun tran-seasonal collaboration this week to show that on those colourless days, you can pop on a comfy something something and do just that :-)