ASOS furry leopard coat {similar here}, Sylvester by Kate Sylvester ‘Sorbonne’ dress, Alexander Wang boots (via, CUE sunglasses. {Photos: Rowena}

Just a casual something something from a few days ago when Melbourne decided to plummet down to the 16s. On the bright side, this weather isn’t all bad news as I can now wear the multiple coat purchases I made going into Spring. I’ve been spending the past week being busy in my home studio making lots and lots of new floral headpieces. I know I promised to publish this post yesterday evening however last night, I had a brilliant design idea and stayed up late to finish it off and unfortunately didn’t get the chance to get this up.

The reason why I have been spending the majority of the past couple of weeks voluntarily locked in my studio is that there will be 90+ new floral headpieces in my next update and the goal is to have these all listed by Wednesday next week. I’ve literally got my entire schedule planned out until Wednesday and as long as I don’t watch too many J’amie Private School Girl reruns I should be able to get these all up for you to shop soon. There will be lots of different styles/colours to choose from, both big statement pieces as well as dainty floral circlets, so it will be a full shop restock.

Whilst lots of new headpieces are coming next week, it’s also sadly time to say goodbye to a few old favourites. They are the colour–ways of some of my absolute favourite rose crowns. From what I’ve seen in all the photographs sent to me, they have graced many a music festival around the world, partaken in wedding photographs, been seen in print, been wrapped as gifts as well as been features of plenty of happy snaps on Instagram. I know you girls love these so much for I’ve literally packed hundreds of orders containing these crowns!

So I thought I’d let you ladies know that these are the absolute last ones I have left, I’d hate to have to tell someone after they sell out that I won’t be making anymore. So if any of you have had your eye on these headpieces or have had them in your wish list for a while, now’s the chance to make one yours before they’re all gone!

They are:

Pastel pink and burgundy rose crown (top left): only four left.

Blue and pastel pink rose crown (top right): only two left.

Pale pink rose headband (middle): only nine left.

Pastel pink rose crown (bottom left): only five left.

Pale pink and pastel pink rose crown (bottom right) – only two left.

I’ve also just received news of the exact details of where my headpieces will be popping up in Sydney next week. Check back in the next couple of days for full details :-)