Wearing: Sessun coat, Gorman leggings, Primark scarf & Topshop boots 

It’s Melbourne Cup Day, 24 degrees (for once), sunny. And I’m stuck at home – like most uni students. Unless of course they in a slightly less unfortunate position sitting in an exam hall doing an exam on this beautiful day that is supposed to be a ‘public’ holiday.. no not for universities over here! Amidst revising the perpetually long book of size 8 font corporations law notes, whilst my printer hurls out trial exam after trial exam, I’ve had half the (spare) mind to suddenly think about how beautiful it was to be in Europe right now. I will really never get around to posting all these travel diaries, will I? So whilst I attempt to cram in all this nonsensical ‘knowledge’ about corporate contracting and get ready to visit Caulfield racecourse in a couple of days – no not for anything Stakes Day related, but in the name of academic progression – I will leave you all with a place us uni students probably all would rather be exploring, a place I miss so very much. No tourist attraction photos here, just the quaint back streets the locals call home. Hello Venice, I hope to see you again soon X