Wearing: Three Floor ‘La Femme’ dress. Photos: Winson Chan /  Rowena Cao / myself.

Whenever I have a law exam I always end up locking myself in my room with my notes for a good week or two. It all seems like a very grand and intelligent plan however the thing is, I always run out of study to do. So why not just relax? See, I believe that if I commit my mind to something else, I might just end up pushing all those ratios and obiter dicta out of my memory. So if I can’t prove it beyond reasonable doubt, then it isn’t a crime to might as well consider my theory true, right?

With just an evening to pass before my morning exam tomorrow, my brain honestly refuses to churn over anymore information and I really don’t want to work it anymore either. So here are a few snaps from a little lunch I threw last weekend to celebrate my 22nd birthday. Inspired by Tom’s healthy eating habits and my semi dairy intolerance, I decided to swap the traditional cake over for a very #cleaneating approved watermelon cake. Three tiered, 100% real fruit and so easy to make. Cheers to another year of LIFE!

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