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Hooray for all new floral hair wreaths now available in store here! Things always take three times as long as you expect things to take and today I spent an entire afternoon shooting, editing and listing my new collection of floral headpieces. Slowed down twice by my sudden procrastinating need to rearrange my entire studio and my laptop suddenly freezing due to a lack of memory space. (Note to self: always start photo editing with plenty of disk space or be prepared to face the brutal consequences after).

This time round, I think I’ve introduced just under a dozen new designs – a small collection but a very loved one. I am continually inspired by nature and have been dreaming up pieces that feel like they’ve escaped from a forest floor of flowers.¬†Everything’s full of subtle detail with an emphasis on quirky simplicity and soft colour ways. Working with new materials such as fall inspired acorns always bring in so many new ideas – it’s likely it won’t be long before even more new pieces are listed soon! But for now, I love every single piece of this update and hope you do too.

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