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Kate Sylvester ‘TARTT’ AW2015


I couldn’t quite figure out whether I should post backstage or runway first but after a little thought I decided to go with runway images before backstage, so that you can have a peek at the actual show before seeing the behind the scenes of it all. Kate Sylvester was the show I was looking forward to most at New Zealand Fashion Week this year – being oh so familiar with Kate and so in love with all that she’s done and all the collections that she has shown in Australia in the previous years, I was so excited to finally see Kate do winter on the runway. And that’s one of the things I found most exciting about New Zealand Fashion Week actually – the fact that they show autumn/winter collections, in contrast to Australia Fashion Week that shows spring/summer which is so good for Melburnians like me because whilst most of Australia does get to bask many seasons a year, Melbourne does get cold. So to see the fashion week spotlight on winter made New Zealand Fashion Week so special and Kate Sylvester’s AW 2015 collection was definitely one to remember.

Named ‘TARTT’ and inspired by the author Donna Tartt herself, Kate Sylvester celebrated her 21st year in business on a runway raining confetti book pages whilst the models effortlessly walked by with wispy, windblown hair and bold red lips. With a certain nonchalance in the air, the show really brought out the Kate Sylvester woman – intelligent and clever, playful and chic. Everything was so quintessentially Kate – the billowing skirts, the suits and stripes, the boyish charm, the lace lingerie and beautiful wool fabrics dressing everything from skirts to tops to jackets was styled so cleverly together in a celebration of all things classic, casual yet so so luxurious. With the floors covered with paper confetti by the show’s end, the beautifully executed preview of AW2015 was the perfect embodiment of just why Kate Slyvester is such an iconic brand.

Happy 21st Birthday, Kate!