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Look 1: Alice McCall Treasure Tee Dress
Look 2: Lucid satin organza tee | ASOS shorts
Look 3: Gorman Moth Moon ruffle top | Keepsake lace shorts
Look 4: Reiss Orinoco cream sheer lace top | Lucid shorts
Lucy Folk friendship band worn throughout
Around home: Samantha Wills jewellery chest | Gorman pom pom cushion | Suku Home Haze Quilt Cover & Mojito pillow cases | Rachel Castle Tutti Frutti linen cushion | Mozi gelato picnic blanket | Glasshouse candles | Lumira Balinese Ylang Ylang (heavenly) 


A few months ago I welcomed some beautiful new friends into my home to shoot a feature for Beauticate.com.  It’s funny looking back at these photos now to see how much my room layout has changed. I’ve got a thing for rearranging furniture – I swear after every big life event (hello finishing uni) and during every study break (though these no longer exist for me, hooray!), I always have a habit of rearranging my desk. From having my desk facing the window to now being in the centre of my room in more of an office style layout, I feel like I’m in work mode instead of being in study mode! It’s like creating a fresh new layout to breathe new inspiration into what I am doing. Anyway this interview has nothing to do with rearranging furniture but rather is a conversation about my beauty must-haves with a big handful of funny/odd things I happen to say along the way. PS. That Stila eyeliner I mention is most definitely handsdown the best product that has ever been invented – especially for those who have oily eyelids like me and can never get anything else to stay on. I swear by it and tell everyone about it. Also, Clinique chubby sticks mentioned are also just as incredible and I finally found the time to pop into my local Mecca to replace my lost one so I can take it to Europe (and hopefully not lose it on the plane again!) – Mecca, always there to save my beauty emergencies haha.

Come check it out at Beauticate.com and a big thank you to Neiyo, Lauren & Lisa for creating magic with photography, hair & make up and to Sigourney for flying all the way down to Melbourne & bringing us all together to create this feature.

Photography: Neiyo Sun
Hair: Lauren Mackellar @ Edwards & Co
Make-up: Lisa Garner
In conversation with Sigourney Cantelo & story by Sammi Keys @ Beauticate.com