2015 has been a beautiful year. From finally saying goodbye to uni studies to travelling through some cities I’ve always wanted to visit in Europe and every little moment in between, life’s been a beautiful adventure. Here’s a recap of my top 10 posts – some of your favourites, some of my favourites, from the jam packed year that was. You can click the titles below to revisit these again too :-)



(JANUARY, 2015)

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If you’re ever heading to Hanoi, a must do side trip is to Halong Bay. It’s all about the sightseeing and natural landscapes here and is really one breathtaking place to visit. See my post on Halong Bay here.



(JANUARY, 2015)

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In the middle of summer early this year I came by a field of wild sunflowers just outside the city centre, next to Federation Square. I actually have no idea if it’s still there these days (I don’t think it’s sunflower season yet) but it is one of the most beautiful sights to see. It’s imperfectly perfect over there. There’s not much order to it (given it’s growing wild) so it looks nothing like the fields you see in France and Italy during the spring, but it’s just as beautiful as it is.


(MARCH, 2015)

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Another urban discovery found on my adventures around Melbourne has been this crazy pink lake which is really just as pink in real life. You can find the pink lake at Westgate Park, right next to Westgate bridge. There are a few lakes in the park and not all of them are pink so it’s all good if you come across the normal blue lake on your way there – just walk a little further and you’ll find the pink one right behind. The lake is only pink after a period of warmer weather, so be sure to visit during late summer/early autumn to make sure you catch it in this fairy floss hue.



(JULY, 2015)

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Blogged one of my favourite Alice McCall pieces here after hunting for it for ages online. I wore it to my friend’s wedding in July and it’s still one of my favourite pieces, I think I’ll take it out for a spin this summer again soon! See more of my 2015 outfits here.



(AUGUST, 2015) 

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Pack my Europe travel suitcase with me! You guys loved having a peek inside my suitcase and reading about some of my Europe travel essentials – come revisit the post here and see my travel diaries for London, Dubrovnik, Split, Hvar IslandOmis, Plitvice Lakes, Ljubljana, Lake Bled, Lake Garda, Cinque Terre, French Riviera, Lake Annecy & Colmar by clicking on the links :-)


(AUGUST, 2015) 

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(NOVEMBER, 2015) 

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I completely fell in love with Cinque Terre this year. Whilst the postcard view of the five little villages is all too familiar given the popularity of the area these days, it’s still such a treasure to visit in real life. Come visit Riomaggiore, Manarola, Vernazza and Monterosso (sadly did not get the time to see Corniglia!) with me through my travel diaries. If you’re keen on hearing a run down of the five towns there, you can check out this post here too.



(NOVEMBER, 2015) 

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Annecy was one of my favourite travel discoveries of 2015. I have never met anyone who has ever visited this part of France however after reading a news article about this undiscovered town, I knew I just had to visit. Tom & I abandoned our flight back to London so we could make time for this crazy colourful place and Colmar which is just north of Annecy. So so worth visiting.



(NOVEMBER, 2015) 

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In spring this year, I finally graduated. This has got to be the happiest day of my life, so far. As young people we spend so many hours of our life in the education system and after 18 years from prep to now, I’m officially out of it with a Bachelor of Laws & Bachelor of Commerce! I wrote about my graduation and time at Monash uni here.



(ALWAYS, 2015) 

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Of course, no year of mine would make sense without mentioning the new sushi adventures and discoveries over the past twelve months. Aside from my usual sushi intake of #toodamnmuch, I also doubled my intake by experimenting with even more new ways to make and create my favourite food. I added a blow torch to my kit (hello homemade aburi sushi!), was introduced to shichimi pepper (a must have) and found another sushi takeaway to satisfy my sushi cravings (hey Hinoki). Top left, bottom left & bottom right are some of the sushi spreads I’ve cooked up this year and top right is one of my favourite takeaways, Suzuran.

Happy 2016, everyone! Thanks so much for following me on my adventures, I’m off to Singapore & Bali in a week’s time for my first trip for 2016 and can’t wait to share some of my new travel discoveries in two places I’ve loved so much that I’ve decided to return to. Wishing you all a positive, exciting year ahead. Be brave, chase adventure & do more of what makes you happy :-)

What was your favourite post this year & what would you like to see more of next year? Do let me know in the comments below!