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I feel like sharing with you guys today some pieces from the new Dior collection. I’ve been testing some of their products out over the past few years and have really come to love some key lines from the brand. Dior’s latest collection is the ‘Get Ready to Bloom’ collection and the packaging is reminds me of Japan / just how much more I want to visit that pretty cherry blossom filled country.

Anyway, a few of their product lines that I love are:

1 – nail polish

After trying out a zillion different nail polish brands, I’ve finally settled for Dior. The application of their polishes is super easy for me to use – I personally prefer a nail polish that’s on the thicker side and is easy to apply streak-free. You only really need a couple of colours per season and lately I’ve been loving my dusty pinks and taupes because they go with just about everything I wear. My ultimate favourite Dior shade is Lili which is pictured in a lot of my posts! Similar shades are the new Lovely & Muguet.


2 – lip gloss & lip sticks

I get way too many questions about the same lipstick I always use and that one is the Dior Rouge Baume in fleur bleue (not pictured here, but used in about 70% of all my blog posts). It’s kind of like a lipstick / lip balm hybrid which is what I love most about it. I don’t like putting on heavy product on my lips and prefer to stick to lip tints and balms. The other product I love are the Dior lip glosses. I don’t use them as much but do love to pop them on for nights out. Again I love the formula as well as the sweet scent. Oh and before I forget, the lip balm that tints your lips according to your natural body chemistry.. that one’s a favourite too!


3 – cc cream

I’ve never really jumped on the CC cream bandwagon due to the confusing choice of colour correcting shades (blue cream? for your face?!) – until now. Diorsnow’s brightening makeup base is what I guess I would class as a CC cream. Once you realise how it works, you start to appreciate its uses. For the record, the blue shade is used for neutralising yellowish tones. I love both the beige & blue CC creams to even out my skin tone and don’t be too afraid of the blue (though do try it out first at the counter!) because whilst it comes out as a pretty strong baby blue, it doesn’t actually make your face blue at all.


I probably don’t share beauty posts enough – I’m one of those people who once they find the product they love, they just stick to it religiously. Though I’ve since realised that I have a fair few favourites from Dior and when you’ve got a zillion cut flowers sitting on your coffee table with nothing much to do, that’s just one more reason to put this post together!

I’ve received some requests on specific beauty/skincare topics which I’ll try to put together soon.. let me know below if there’s anything else you’d like to hear more about :)