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I’ve got a growing obsession for homewares these days. I’m obsessed with uncovering Australian homeware brands to deck my space in and this addiction to all things bed linen, table-top and home decor has even stemmed into picking up weekly pottery classes so I can satisfy further cravings for creating unique pieces of pottery. It’s such a calming feeling – working with clay. Plus, the freedom to mould the medium into any shape, size or thing that you want gives you endless opportunity to be creative and experiment with new things.

Anyway, clay diversions aside, my home decorating project has been one of those things that has been never-ending. I love seeing my interior decor coming altogether slowly and I never want to rush it, always waiting for the perfect piece to come by. I’m always inspired by colour and nature and these are both elements I like to work into my indoors. Whether it be through interesting placemats or a plant propagated by a neighbour, here are some things that have recently made their way into my home and heart..

K is for Kani Home Kip and Co Mozi Sushi Flatlay 2

Monstera delicious plant: The story of how this plant came to be is actually an interesting one. My dad once bought a monstera deliciosa from a garage sale some 20 years ago and it has been with our family ever since, achieving leaves of up to about 60cm long! This particular plant is actually an off-shoot of the main plant which explains why it is small yet has such large leaves filled with its characteristic swiss cheese like holes. The thing grows like crazy though and has roots coming out of the bottom of the pot – I better find time to give it a repot.

Also featured: Kip & Co wink linen quilt | Gorman wallflower t-shirt | Zara grey coat from Zara Taipei | Misguided cord skirt | Gorman pom pom scarf | Ace of Something Oslo fedora in vanilla chai | Liberty London Bayley crossbody bag

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Mozi Otomi cork placematsEver since my dining table ownership, I’ve been on the hunt for placemats. My first set were from Bali and were a beautiful earthy woven rattan. My second set are these gorgeous almost Japanese / folk inspired looking white placements with blue watercolour on top. They’re from Mozi who are one of my favourite go-to places for home things in Melbourne. Gotta love local labels.

Salt & Pepper eclectic green tea cupsI feel like I need to go back to Myer and pick up four more of these because I’m completely in love with them. Mint green, tick. Scalloped detailing, tick. How perfect are they, really? Hopefully I make it in store before they sell out! I really wish I bought a complete set to begin with. #mymistake!

Mozi folk tree linen tea towelI love the earthy colours of this tea towel and the dreamy print. In fact, I’m kind of in love with this entire Mozi collection. This towel is almost too pretty to use that I want to frame it up like a print. People do that, right?

Gold cutlery set from Country RoadGold cutlery is definitely going to be a thing of the future. I’ve banished silver in the kitchen and there’s no regrets at all. I first saw gold cutlery at Serotonin Eatery and have been on the hunt since. Thanks Country Road, for ending that hunt. For the lovers of monochrome – there’s a graphite set too!

Also featured: Cat plate from Singapore’s Haji Lane | Salt & Pepper scallop plate | Little bowls & bits from Daiso 

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Spark Joy & The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie KondoA birthday present turned new lifestyle change. Marie Kondo has gotten me inspired to let go of so many things I’ve been hoarding in the back of wardrobe, cupboards and life. By keeping things that only ‘spark joy’ – as silly as it sounds – I’ve gained more clarity in my thinking and feel like I’m more in control of things with a better awareness of what I actually own.

Kip & Co aqua tassel throw: Hand me anything green and I’ll go crazy for it. I’ve always been the colour’s biggest fan but not many other people seem to appreciate green so it’s quite rare that you’ll come across many green things. So you can imagine how excited I would be when I come across a soft green throw. I’m a big fan of this Kip & Co one and love to drape it over my quilt on chilly nights. How fun are the tassels!

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Quote cards from Kikki-K: Before Kikki-K brought out these quote cards, I used to scribble things like these and stick them on my bathroom mirror and wardrobe doors. Little reminders like these are the perfect way to start and end the day and I’m glad Kikki-K now makes a prettier version of these to scatter around the home.

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Country Road quilt set & down quilt: My sister says I should slow down on the quilt sets because if not, I’ll end up with a cupboard full of the by the time I turn 30. This particular Country Road one was purchased last year but has been in storage since as I decided to buy it in king size without even owning a king size quilt. A few months ago I made that happen. That down quilt cost an arm and a leg but feels like you’re sleeping in a five star hotel. Best investment ever.

Philodendron Xanadu: I finally took home a philodendron xanadu! I’ve been eyeing this plant for a while now and first saw it at CERES (gosh I love & miss that place so much) but was unprepared to take it home. A few weeks later, I came across another one and made sure to bring it home with me. It’s a little bruised in some spots but I’m hoping somehow I’ll find a green thumb in me to keep this one happy and healthy.

Oh and there’s my pottery notes.. I’m off to pottery class tonight!

Photography: myself using Canon EOS 7D Mark II