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I’m packing my suitcase again because in a couple of days, I’ll be heading off to explore..

Copenhagen, Denmark!

I’ve never been to anywhere this north before – though I always have wanted to – so I’m extremely excited about this trip. Because I have to head back to Melbourne ASAP to prep for Finders Keepers (Jul 22-24, see you there!), it’s just going to be a whirlwind trip of just over a week. There are so many more places in Europe I would have loved to explore but next time, next time. My week in Copenhagen is going to be packed to the brink with as many sights and activities as I can fit in & I can’t wait to document it all for you along the way.

With a long flight coming my way soon, I like to try my best to keep my hand luggage as organised as possible. Everything  you put in your hand luggage will be accompanying with you during the long flight and when it comes to 24+ hour transits, you’ll want to make sure you’re using your 7kg wisely. Today, I want to share with you some of my hand luggage travel essentials. Aside from your usual hand luggage bits and bobs (passport, money, etc), I like to make sure I pack the following things which I think are absolutely essential for taking on board with you when you are travelling on a long haul flight.

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Whilst I have considered cabin baggage on wheels, I kind of like the idea of carrying a duffle bag instead as most flights leaving Australia have weight restrictions for hand luggage. Duffle bags are great as they’re a lot more lighter which means that I can fit a lot more tech & camera equipment in them. Also, I love being able to loop the shoulder straps onto my check-in luggage so I don’t have to wheel them separately, leaving me with a spare hand to have everything else in control. Of course, if you’re based overseas where many low-cost airlines have no weight restrictions on hand luggage, then cabin baggage on wheels is definitely a good choice too!

My pick: Herschel novel weekender – the size of this one maxes out the cabin baggage size restrictions, is lightweight and has a separate pocket for shoes. Love it, only wish it came in more colour choices.


The travel wallet is my ultimate companion when travelling and unlike most things when it comes to traveling, for travel wallets, the bigger the better. I want to be able to put everything important in there including my passport, tickets, itinerary, a pen for filling out immigration forms, spare change in both your home & destination currency and more. If there’s room, I’ll also put in a couple of tissues, my lip balm and other little bits. Being able to fit everything in one location makes it so much easier to find things whilst on the plane. No more tipping the contents of my backpack upside down just to locate one tiny object!

My pick: Kikki-K travel wallet with zip – I especially like the zip design when it comes to big trips because then I can fit everything in and make sure it doesn’t fall out. 

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Always, always bring your toothbrush and your own toothpaste on long flights! The importance of dental hygiene doesn’t go away just because you’re flying. Plus, when you can’t really shower, it’s a good way to keep fresh.


When you’re on a plane for multiple hours, doing transits at multiple airports and just not showering or having fresh air for a really long time, you can start to feel kind of dirty. Having a pack of face wipes are a great way to freshen up and disinfectant wipes to wipe your hands after eating / using the bathroom. I’m always trying to keep clean on a plane I guess!

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Airports and airplanes always throw a variety of climates at you so you almost have to be prepared for everything when you’re travelling. I personally find airports overheated and airplanes just a little too cold for my liking so when I get dressed for a flight, I’m always dressing in layers. Two things I love to bring with me are thick socks for when your feet feel cold and a big scarf that can double as a blanket. Oh, a travel pillow doesn’t hurt too if you can manage to fit it in.


I love to bring fresh fruit and muesli bars on my flights as sometimes you get a little hungry in between meals or just aren’t feeling up to eating anymore plane food. As long as you finish your fresh food before you disembark the airplane, there are no problems with bringing it on board. Also, I always bring an empty drink bottle with me and fill it up after passing security. Planes are dehydrating so you can also ask the flight attendant to fill it up for you on board so you don’t have to bother them every 20 minutes asking for a 30ml cup of water.

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I always like to bring my own earphones or headphones when I’m travelling on a long flight as the ones provided by the airlines are often not as good or soundproof. By bringing your own, you can plug them in as soon as you take your seat and watch movies with the highest audio quality you can get when mid-air. No more missing out on those crucial parts of a movie you’re dying to watch!


Lots of international flying airplanes these days have USB chargers for you to charge your phone in so I like to make the most of it when I’m on board.


Lastly, I always try to squeeze in a spare change of clothes. After 24 hours of flying, sometimes the first thing you want to do when you jump off that last place is to change into a fresh set of clothes. So fresh clothes it is!

I’m off to do some intense packing now for Denmark & can’t wait to escape the Aussie winter. Come follow my travels on Instagram (@kisforkani) & Snapchat (kisforkani)!

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