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Wearing: Urban Outfitters top | ASOS Petite midi skirt | My Deer Fox petite bucket bag in blush | Bared Shoes Lyrebird grey sneakers | Larsson & Jennings Norse watch | Miu Miu sunnies | Ace of Something Hat


I’ve never traveled so far to stay for such a short amount of time but last week I visited Copenhagen for a week as a guest of Wonderful Copenhagen & Singapore Airlines to experience all that the city has to offer from sightseeing & design to food & culture.

On our way to the hotel from the airport, our driver pointed to us all the main attractions we were passing by. As Copenhagen is quite compact compared to many other capital cities, he was pulling out names of buildings here there and everywhere, pointing out so many places that our mental notepad just wasn’t keeping up at 6:30AM in the morning after a 20-something hour long transit. About two corners away from our hotel, a candy coloured building passed by and he said, ‘this is the cinema, I think it looks pretty nice but it’s not really a tourist attraction.’ Our eyes were, however, completely fixated on this colourful array of pastels. Coming from Melbourne, where most of the city is filled with modern skyscrapers or similar styled buildings, something of this scale of vibrancy would be a star sight to see and would be likened to something rather festive, like Luna Park! Since our rooms weren’t ready yet, the first thing we did after dropping off our luggage at the hotel was to swing back past here to capture the building. It was such an apt introduction to Copenhagen because little did we realise, this city was more rainbow coloured than we ever thought..

Photography: Rowena Cao