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Wearing: Three Floor Aquarius Dress | Bared Shoes Kite blush heel | MyDeerFox envelope 


I’ve always wanted to shoot something fun & festive in an amusement park and finally, it’s happened. Bring on the carnival spirit! Tivoli is such a fun place to explore – there’s the crazy scream-inducing rides that flip you 360 degrees whilst suddenly doing a free-fall drop and then there’s also the old school favourites like bumper cars, ferris wheels and that laughing clown arcade game which I was obsessed with playing when I was younger. At night, the lights come on as lots of younger families leave and the whole place has an entirely different vibe – it’s like a new version of Tivoli appears. The park quietens down but it’s still packed with people.. mostly couples now, you’ll see them everywhere! There’s a really cool Japanese Tower and boating lake where you can hire a wooden boat to row around, kind of just like Japan but minus the cherry blossoms. The lights here glow so magically, reflecting a rainbow of colour throughout the surface of the lake. And then there is the replica Taj Mahal! The place really feels like you’re walking through a movie set..

This vibrant blue Three Floor dress was the perfect pick for shooting on location here – I love the bright colour and the layers of textured eyelet embroidery which adds a festive cheer to the atmosphere. It makes me want to spin around in circles and munch on endless amounts of oversized fairy floss which is exactly what we did whilst waiting for the sun to set. I hope this starts your Monday in good spirits!

Photography: Rowena Cao / Canon EOS 7D Mark II