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I want to highlight a new restaurant that was situated underneath the hotel we stayed in. Not for its food, because I didn’t get the chance to try the food there but because of its interior design and decor. Väkst is the latest restaurant project from popular Danish restauranteurs Cofoco and was conveniently situated underneath the hotel we stayed in – Hotel SP34. Because of this, we were able to sit here to have breakfast every day and every day I noticed more and more interior decor details that made me love it so much.

The design concept of Väkst revolves around an indoor greenhouse which is situated at the heard of the restaurant, enclosing a staircase that runs underground to its basement level. The entire venue is light filled with floor to ceiling glass doors and wherever there is a spot, there is a plant. I love the idea of bringing the outdoors in and having indoor plants scattered everywhere – it’s something I always want to do to my own living space at home. Amongst the pretty plants on display over here is the elusive pilea peperomioides – a rare plant I once owned in Australia but subsequently killed two months later (#heartbroken). In Denmark, the pilea peperomioides is really common – I heard that you can buy these in nurseries for under $10! It was so nice to see four of these pilea peperomioides growing so well and looking so well established with little off shoots popping up on the side that I honestly just had to write about this here, because yes I love my plants haha.

If you ever find yourself in Copenhagen, do me a favour and come by here. Apparently the food here is amazing and great value for fine dining in Denmark – there’s a three course meal offer that is only $60AUD per person!