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Wearing: Kowtow Hobby dress | Bared Shoes Magpie loafer | Strathberry nano tote in vanilla


An easy, casual outfit for lazy Sunday. I’m so happy to have picked up this dress from Kowtow during their recent sale.. New Zealand is home to so many talented designers and this dress has been one of my winter wardrobe staples. Anything loose fitting and comfortable gets my tick and I love layering a long sleeve underneath for a contrasting look and to keep the warmth in.

Life has been busy, hence the lack of Instagram updates. I’m not one to spend hours glued to my phone every day so sometimes I don’t spend much time on it at all that I don’t end up updating. The weekdays have been filled prepping for a major flower crown explosion coming online in celebration for spring. Every other hour has been filled with my indoor plant obsession – I think I’m already a crazy plant lady and I have no qualms about that.

Wishing everyone a happy week ahead!

Photography: Rowena Cao / Canon EOS 7D Mark II