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Pictured above: Rose linen quilt cover & pillow cases from Arro Home | Otto cat cushion from Arro Home | Sunflower cushion from Gorman clothing | Looseleaf, the book by Wona Bae & Charlie Lawler | White Celestite teacup by Cristina Re | Shibui green tea scented candle from Gascoigne & King | Soare placemat from IKEA | Slippers from ELK Accessories

So.. I’m kind of in love with linen right now after sleeping in these covers for the past week. Local homewares label Arro Home has the cutest pink linen quilt covers, pillow cases and more and they’re the softest, cosiest things to sleep in alongside bamboo sheets! The love affair with Arro started when I first found myself lugging home a 200×300 rug that barely fit in my car after finding an instant connection with it once upon a time in store. They’ve the prettiest range of cute, pastel things and perfect for every day use and being a local label, I have a super soft spot for them.

Other pretty little things that have been keeping me company at home include Looseleaf’s pretty-as-a-thousand-pictures book packed with gorgeous words, projects and stories by the couple behind one of my favourite nurseries in Melbourne (congrats Wona and Charlie, so happy to see your book all come together!), Christina Re’s gorgeous limited edition gold lustre teacup which reminds me of stunning gemstones & Gascoigne & King’s mouthwatering Shibui scent with a subtle hint of green tea, making me long for that Japan trip oh so much.

Hello from home! It’s good to be back even if only for a little while before heading off again :-)