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– In collaboration with Melbourne Central –

Oh, that fresh faced feeling! There is nothing more satisfying than having clean, healthy and nourished skin and taking time to look after your skin is something that should be a part of everybody’s morning and evening routines. Ever since my accidental discovery (and subsequent obsession) with the Korean 7-step skincare routine, I’ve been hooked on skincare, adding new products to my routine which I once lived without – but not anymore. Products like essence, sheet masks and night treatments are new favourites of mine. There’s no such thing as calling a multi-step skincare routine high maintenance – I see it as a way of looking after yourself and that’s what skincare is all about – nourishing the largest organ in your body with nutrients, moisture and protection so that it can keep healthy and do what it needs to do. Plus, your skin will thank you down the track.

This week, I teamed up with Melbourne Central to share with you some of my favourite skincare products from its extensive range of skincare stores. I headed to Sephora, Kiehl’s, The Face Shop, Jurlique, Mecca Maxima, Lush and even stopped over at the gorgeous Self-Centred Medi-Spa to pull together my ultimate skincare essentials from the centre. From Sephora’s cult favourite Alpha-H Liquid Gold, to Kiehl’s ultra-hydrating facial cream, Jurlique’s new facial essence and Mecca’s new face sunscreen spray and more.. come pop by Melbourne Central’s page to see what I’m loving best. It’s time to prepare those lists for some skincare shopping!