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I’m sure we can all relate when I say IKEA is the ultimate go-to especially for young people like me who want to decorate their living spaces with beautifully designed products at low prices. Like my friends, IKEA can be found in so many places in my home from my apartment-friendly sized dining table, to those popular Billy shelves, work desks, picture frames and more. I love seeing what’s new at IKEA every time I visit or hop online so I’m sure you can understand my excitement when I hear that a new collection has just dropped in stores.

IKEA has just launched the new IKEA PS 2017 collection, designed by 17 urban designers from around the world. The collection is all about independence and the unconventional, embracing the vitality of the ever-changing nature of modern, urban living. This new collection comprises of products that challenge the norm, making living spaces flexible with products that are forward thinking and unique. Everything is portable, easy to fold up or pack down giving more freedom to the user to create the space they need and mix it up whenever they want.

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I had the chance to visit and try out the range in person at St Kilda festival a few days ago and loved what I saw. From the beautiful pops of colour that seem to be an iconic characteristic of all PS ranges, to the unique and urban inspired designs, the PS 2017 range got me making a major wish list of things I would love to add to my home.

Plus there was also a super fun photo booth on site packed with hilarious IKEA props (see last pic..haha!) to celebrate.

Come and have a browse of the range below & check out my top picks from the collection!

IKEA Australia PS 2017 Collection 5


This vibrant blue sofa caught my eye for its unique and fun design. I can see it looking so gorgeous in a creative studio or open plan work area where unique and not-so-ordinary looking pieces can really give the room an element of creativity. What I loved in particular about this piece was when I found out it was actually two corner chairs put together which really gives meaning to the whole ‘flexible living’ thing that this collection is all about. Compared to a normal sofa, you can so easily lift each corner chair by yourself and the fact that you can personalise by having two corner chairs or one sofa means that you can always change your space up depending on what you need. By the way, it definitely feels like you’re on a cloud of cushions haha!


I really do love the flexibility of the pieces in the new PS range. It’s one of the things I always consider when I go shopping for furniture as owning my own business and working from my creative studio at home means that I always need versatile furniture that can be used for a multitude of purposes, whether it’s in my studio and for my living area. This side table is perfect for someone like me, it’s great to use for a side table next to your couch when you need that, but can easily be wheeled to the next room when you suddenly need it as a side-table to your work table, or back to your living area to house extra books (or plants!) you suddenly need room for that as well.

By the way, this side table also comes in a shelving unit style which I can already foresee as being perfect for a #plantshelfie

IKEA Australia PS 2017 Collection 6


Come on, everyone dreams of owning a rocking chair right? The perfect substitution for a couch that’s easy to move around and so fun to chill out on. The secret to this chair is that it’s actually made for two people so that you can rock right next to your favourite person! How fun is that?

IKEA Australia PS 2017 Collection 7


This 3-piece self-watering plant pot set is going to make fellow plant-addicts cry in joy. It’s everything you wanted for your plant, all in one set. You know when you buy a pot for a plant, but then can’t find an aesthetically pleasing, correctly sized matching stand for it? Or when you just need a pot that can keep your plant alive for two weeks whilst you holiday overseas? This set solves both problems. This one’s for you, fellow crazy plant ladies and crazy plant guys.

IKEA Australia PS 2017 Collection 8


The latest addition to IKEA’s side-table / stool line-up is this gorgeous minimalist stool with so many uses. Turn it into a side table if you need one of those today, turn it into a stool when you have friends over tomorrow and turn it into a plant stand when you have a pretty plant that needs some elevating. I love having these versatile little things around the house because I love being able to use them for so many different purposes. The beautiful beech touch also compliments modern decor and is very pinterest worthy, if you know what I mean!

IKEA Australia PS 2017 Collection 9


Another one of those multifunctional pieces is the new floor pad. Use your own creativity to decide what you want to use this for because this little thing has so many uses. They’re great for moving around when you want want to chill out somewhere without comfy seating, can be used as extra cushioning for sleeping on and can easily be rolled up when you want to store it. Almost like a little indoor picnic mat but chill out style! There’s anti-slip grip on the underside of it so you never have to worry about that as well.

IKEA Australia PS 2017 Collection 10

I hope you enjoyed this post and do check out the IKEA PS 2017 in stores now at IKEA Richmond and Springvale!


In collaboration with IKEA Australia #IKEAPS2017 

Photography: Connie Cao & Rowena Cao