k is for kani flower crowns

Guys we hit 5000 Etsy Sales yesterday afternoon! I can’t believe how far this little business has come, starting from a dining table and trudging along all the way to 5k and more if we include our markets and offline events. Thank you everyone for the support, love and encouragement from the start until now. Once upon a time, this was really just a side project that I operated in the corner of the dining room. In the early days, I didn’t expect it to grow as quickly as it did.. these days our flower crowns live in a dedicated home studio where everything is a lot more organised compared to when it all started. I actually have borderline decent furniture now to hold everything! Anyway, I really couldn’t have shared so many flower crowns with the world without each and every one of you who have shopped at my store and shared it with others.

Since it’s no fun having a party for one, I want to celebrate this milestone by having a month long party online! From now and for the entire month of April, we will be including a surprise gift with every purchase, big or small. Thank you everyone for being a part of the journey.. it means a lot to me to be able to work in the creative field :-) It has always be my dream since my childhood, so thank you for making my dreams come true!


By the way, we are also in the running currently for the Etsy Small Business Award. It would mean the world to me if you could vote for my little business here. The shop with the most votes wins $13,000AUD to help scale their business and I would love to invest this into creative projects to help it grow even further. You can visit my entry page to find out more & it’s super simple to vote, all you need to do is click ‘VOTE’ here. Much love to you all! Voting ends 6 April.