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Hello! I love putting together hotel and resort features as you guys seem to find them very helpful so today’s post will be a review on Shiba Park Hotel 151, the first hotel we stayed in during our time in Tokyo. Shiba Park Hotel 151 is the sister hotel of Park Hotel Tokyo and we were a guest of the hotel here whilst we were in Tokyo. Here’s a few things you might like to know about Shiba Park Hotel 151 should you wish to book your next trip here!

About Shiba Park Hotel 151

So Shiba Park Hotel and Shiba Park Hotel 151 are two separate branches of the hotel which share the same lobby. Shiba Park Hotel 151 is the newer section of the hotel, having only opened in August 2016 last year making it super modern and sparkly clean! Upon arrival, you’ll come across the warm and smiling faces of the staff who are very helpful should you need anything and they also speak amazing English. Really though, when it comes to service and hospitality in Japan, the Japanese have got it down pat and more. You just have to set foot in Japan for one minute to notice how polite, helpful and friendly Japanese people are!

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About the guest rooms:

One of most amazing these about this hotel is the rooms here. Japan isn’t known at all for big rooms when it comes to accomodation so to arrive at Shiba Park Hotel 151 to a room size of 30 square metres is the biggest luxury. We stayed in the comfort twin room and I’m pretty sure all rooms here are 30 square metres! The beds in the comfort twin room are huge, they’re two double beds with heaps of floor space (and a luggage rack) to put your luggage, a large working desk and more. The bathroom was also very large for Japanese accomodation standards and had a modern bath tub/shower, large sink area and a separate room for the toilet. When it comes to travelling, Tom and I absolutely love space and if you do too, this hotel will be the perfect pick for you.

Going with the Japanese-inn style theme of the hotel, guest rooms here have the traditional wooden Japanese sliding doors and fresh pyjamas are provided every day. I noticed this was a thing over the four hotels we stayed in whilst in Tokyo so a handy tip for those who want to travel light in Japan – pack less pjs because there’s a potential they will be provided by the hotel.

We also found convenient the laundry room on level 2 where you can do your own laundry for 300 yen per washing cycle and 100 yen per drying cycle. Super convenient and affordable for a hotel.  In the same room, there is also a vending machine for drinks (vending machines are truly everywhere!) and an ice machine too.

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We love starting the day off with a big breakfast at whichever hotel we are staying in as it makes mornings easy and fuss-free when you don’t have to go around searching for food first thing in the morning. Shiba Park Hotel 151’s guests can have breakfast at Old City Grill House, their in-house restaurant situated next to the lobby of the hotel. For those who opt for breakfast as part of their stay, there are two options to choose from. The standard is the western style buffet which is a delicious spread of yummy foods to start the day with an extra big selection of salads and sides which I loved. An alternative option for breakfast is the Japanese style breakfast which you can choose to have instead of the buffet (you just need to let reception know the night before). We absolutely loved having this option as it was so great to try the assortment of dishes that traditional Japanese breakfast sets contain. It makes starting the day such a fun adventure trying all the flavours and it is definitely worth having on at least one of the days!

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Location is super important to us when it comes to travelling and we loved Shiba Park Hotel 151 for its accessibility. It was very accessible as it was right next to Onarimon Station, a subway station (though we didn’t use this one), Daimon Station, a subway station and Hamamatschucho Station, a JR/railway station. Note that train stations in Tokyo are actually super confusing for the first time traveller as they have subway stations, monorail stations, JR/railway stations and even now I still don’t understand the system fully. Nevertheless, the hotel staff here are very helpful in providing maps and helping you get to where you need to get to and the fact that we were next to both the subway and railway/JR station made it extremely convenient. Utilising both Daimon and Hamamatschucho stations (which are basically next to each other and around the corner (4-8 mins~ walk) from the hotel), you can get to almost every main tourist hotspot – Shibuya, Shinjuku, Asakusa, etc. without switching lines. Nearby, you can also find Tsukiji market, Tokyo Tower and the Ginza area.

There are also heaps of convenience stores – 7/11s (there’s one right next to the hotel), Family Marts, Lawsons, ramen shops, drug stores and izakaya joints nearby too making it convenient whenever you want a snack or late night meal.

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Japanese culture workshops! 

One of the things that make Shiba Park Hotel 151 stand out is the workshops they offer at the SAKURA Japanese Culture Salon, a room on the second floor of the hotel that delivers daily workshops with activities including origami, Japanese calligraphy, ceramics painting, sake tasting, matcha ceremony and food making. During our stay, we had the lovely Yuka run a tea ceremony workshop with us where we (finally!) learnt how to properly make matcha green tea as well as a bit about how traditional Japanese tea ceremonies operate. Turns out you need a special bamboo whisk to make the matcha dissolve into a bubbly mixture. I ended up hunting one down in Tokyo so I could make matcha tea properly back home in Melbourne. It was such an interesting experience and it was so great that we could do it in the hotel as typically, you would have to book a tea ceremony workshop externally if you wanted to learn about them.

Workshop prices vary, some are free and some have a small fee. Note there are only a couple of workshops each day so if you want to do a particular one, make sure to check the schedule ahead of time and book yourself in.

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I hope you all found this information helpful if you are considering staying here! I know you guys are also asking about Park Hotel Tokyo, I’m getting that post together soon!

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