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This is probably my favourite part of my London series – the food edition! You can’t have a holiday without trying out the local favourites and today I have for you some of the coolest places I’ve tried in London. Expect a lot of flowers, prettiness and a really cool food experience overall. If you only had time to try six places in London, then I totally recommend all of the below for six very exciting, fun and different foodie experiences. Starting off with, Peggy Porschen Cakes!


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It’s that cafe you’ve seen everywhere on Instagram! Peggy Porschen Cakes is that beautifully epic pink painted cafe that’s bursting with florals everywhere. There’s even an adorable little bike that sits out front. Once you’re done eyeing the beautiful flower installation, try and grab a seat outside by the door so you can people watch as you enjoy some tea. I definitely recommend the summer berry iced tea as well as trying a selection of cupcakes they have behind the counter.


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If you’re looking for your fairy floss ice-cream fix in London, then look no further than Milk Train Cafe. PS. it might be pretty to look at but it does get quite messy to eat. Milk Train do all your favourite Asian inspired flavours including green tea and black sesame – they also have a special ‘unicone’ ice-cream (on the right) that they were also doing whilst we were visiting. It’s right in the heart of Covent Garden so it is a really convenient place to pop by.


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Sketch London is such an experience that you just can’t miss! If you want to splurge on one afternoon tea experience (and who doesn’t want to do that when in London), then you’ve got to go to Sketch, because the place is such an otherwordedly experience. Sketch isn’t too far from Oxford Circus – it’s just a short walk away. Head down the stairs and you’ll be directed (but wait, make sure you book beforehand – book ‘The Gallery’ for afternoon tea) to another universe – a retro fitted pink universe full of hilarious artwork by David Shrigley and space-ship looking toilet cubicles. Yes, that picture directly above is their ‘bathroom’. Ok, back to the topic of tea – come here for their tea and stay for a while for their artwork. High tea is on the high end, but so are most high tea places in London. It is an experience after all – relax on the squishy blush pink velvet couches, listen to the live music (it’s oh so good) and check out the waiter and waitress uniforms – they’re so cool and totally play the part. The food here is really quite delicious – we had black caviar in our appetisers, a yummy spread of savouries, bubble gum flavoured marshmallow and other sweets and the softest scones.


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I’ve been following Deliciously Ella for a while now and love cooking from her recipe book, Deliciously Ella Everyday. So when I heard she had opened her very own cafes in London, I was excited to check it out and to see all the recipes come to life in person. We visited the Weighouse branch for brunch in the morning and enjoyed some of the yummiest foods. The selection in the morning was small though and if we had waited and extra hour we could have tried the lunch menu but we had somewhere else to be. Food here is absolutely amazing, especially if you are into her recipes. Both of us loved our dishes and would have loved to have tried some smoothies too if it wasn’t for the blender unfortunately being out of action the morning we visited!


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Another pretty as a picture brunch option is Aubaine, a restaurant on the second floor of Selfridges on Oxford St. Choose a seat by the windows as this is where the pretty wisteria display is and enjoy a very British traditional breakfast. Note, this place is very pricey when you consider the portions but it is after all right next to a floor of designer shoes and Miu Miu bags and you are in Selfridges. Beautiful setting, beautiful service and a lovely way to relax a morning away under the wisteria tree.


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I first checked out this place on my last trip to London and loved it so much I had to take my sister there to see what it was all about. Situated on a street in Kensington, Maitre Choux happens to have some of the best eclairs I’ve ever tasted (I’m inclined to say they’re nicer than the ones I had in Paris!). They’re packed with flavour but are light and not so sweet at the same time. It’s when sweet food isn’t all that sweet, that I start to fall in love with sweets. I definitely recommend getting a box of at least four to share between two and taking them home so you can try every flavour together. They’re sooo so good, I’m telling you – I even tried to figure out if I could carry some home back to Australia though I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t get through customs. So eat as many as you can afford before you leave the city. They’re that good.