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I’ve wanted our own home together since forever.

Tom and I met towards the end of high school and for the first few years of being together, we lived a walk from each other in the same suburb. I loved being close by, it was always easy for impromptu plans on the go.

Some years later, he moved further away, a 30-35 min drive which I declared as a long distance relationship (haha). Growing up, all my friends always lived in the same suburb as we all went to the same local schools so it was difficult to feel so far away, especially when for a period of time, I hadn’t gotten my licence yet.

We’ve been house hunting since forever, in every suburb you could think of for many months if not years. I’ve been saving up since forever too. In Melbourne, it’s pretty stressful to see housing prices rise so fast, completely unproportional to the rate I was saving my share of the deposit at.

I remember seeing a beautiful home 2 years ago that was just above our budget but still seemed quite far away. Two years later, that entire suburb no longer seemed far from the city anymore, but was completely out of our budget. With every passing quarter, we get pushed further and further out. We’ve bidded at auctions where the final selling price was more than 200k above the quoted selling price. So we really didn’t think we’d get lucky some months ago when we bidded on what is now our first home.

I only inspected the home once a few days before the auction and fell in love with it immediately. To be honest, when you’re so desperate to win an auction, you can make yourself fall in love with anything despite how run down it might be. But really, this beautiful home was a gem – it was light-filled and spacious and surrounded by the most beautiful trees. But it was something that we totally wouldn’t be winning at auction. We bidded anyway. It’s pretty hard being 20something and trying to compete with everyone else to win an auction. But something happened that day, the universe spun for us and created a huge amount of sheer luck for us.. next minute I was signing all my savings away, completely dizzy at the thought of what just happened.

I didn’t want to share the news until settlement actually happened. Nothing is certain until it actually happens and after many weeks of cleaning up the place and on the day before New Years Eve and our nine year anniversary, we moved into our new home – our first home together.

I can’t wait for all the adventures this new year will bring and going through all the motions and things that happen with owning a home. And I hope I can continue to share them with you all here.

Thanks for following our journey so far.