Hey friends! I’m excited to share with you another home update. Presenting.. our little reading corner and plant corner! As a young couple, we were keen to keep things simple and have just one sofa and one dining table, leaving us with an extra room to use as we wish. This room is meant to be another living area however it has some of the best natural light in the entire house with its huge floor length windows. Hence, it just felt like the most perfect reading corner / morning yoga room / room to fill with plants!

And fill it with plants I did! I keep most of my plants here because of the beautiful light that filters through the window – it’s super convenient that most of my plants are congregated here because when it comes to things like watering it’s nice to get most of them done in the same place.

This bookcase pictured here is from West Elm – I’ve had my eye on it for ages and absolutely love how perfect it is with plants scattered on its shelves – especially the vines which just dangle across the sides. I can totally see myself filling this entire wall up with more of these shelves in the future. They look stunning against the white walls, and the exposed back gives it a really light and airy feel. I loved pairing it with this beautiful textured arm chair which sits beautifully against the greenery. There was a little empty space on the wall above the arm chair, so I put in a hook to hang up this little artwork piece called the Holstee Manifesto.

In the mornings, I often sit here and eat my breakfast. Sometimes, I come here to read a few pages of whatever I’m reading, or to journal in my diary or flip through some recipe books. There’s just something about having the sunlight shine on your back that makes it such a relaxing place to be. I also love this room for doing yoga or practising meditation in the mornings as well, however right now I really can’t decide between putting my yoga mat down here permanently or keeping a rug / picnic mat here instead!

To be honest, the bedroom and this reading corner are probably our most furnished rooms right now. We’re working on the living room next – we ordered our sofa at the end of December and it is finally due to arrive this month. Once it comes, we’ll be able to look into putting this room together (hooray). Our dining room is still a work in progress – as I’m taking my time in finding the perfect dining table for our room. And then there’s the spare room I’m working on turning into a walk-in-wardrobe, as well as Tom and my office area, not to mention all the plans I have for turning our barren backyard into a ‘urban farm’. All of this makes me super excited cause for some reason I just love decorating our home haha. So stay tuned for more home posts as they come! :)

Featured: West Elm Mid-Century bookcase (narrow version) | West Elm Phoebe Arm Chair | West Elm Echo Loop Cushion Cover 

Photography: Rowena Cao & I