I’m still working on the whole new routine thing so it’s been a while since I’ve really had time to sit down in the studio and create new collections. Last week, I found a little window of time to shoot some of my latest pieces which I uploaded today. It’s a mix of some of our market exclusives & favourites, which I’ve now uploaded online, as well as a few new pieces which I’ve been working on as well! A couple of my favourites are this white handcrafted leather headpiece here, as well as the total queen-worthy metallic leather crown here. Lastly, I’ve also created my newest wedding fave – a blossoming flower crown inspired by the beautiful hanami season in Japan.

Here’s a few more peeks of what else is new:

The camellia headbands have always been a market hit but I’ve never had the chance to upload these online because they always went so fast. Pictured on the left in red – one of the most popular colours. On the right is one of my more quirky designs which sits really beautifully! It’s a stunning bird nest headpiece with little birds scattered amongst the blossoms. A total conversation starter, if you ask me.

The camellia headband again – in a soft pale pink colour. This is a gorgeous choice if you want to accessorise a wedding guest outfit, or even for bridesmaids, or even the bride! It really depends on the look you are going for and how simple / extravagant you want your outfit to be. I am also loving red accents at the moment so have created this lovely red flower crown in the middle. If you happen to have bridesmaids in beautiful deep red dresses, I can see this looking absolutely lovely to bring the bridal party together. On the right is one of our last Fleur Reine flower crowns in this style. Get in quick if you like this one, because I’m pretty sure I’ll be discontinuing it after.

Two statement flower crowns for all you Frida Kahlo loving gals! I absolutely love the deep purple tones on the left one and am also totally having a thing with the colour red. The red tones on this particular one are a really stunning, deep rich red. Super gorgeous in real life!

A few super easy to wear every day flower headbands above. You can find heaps of these in all sorts of colour combos in this section of my shop here. The one on the left was sold out for ages but whilst moving house, I found an extra one lying around so it’s back in stock again for one lucky person!

As always, I want to say a big thank you for all you lovely souls who support my small business. The love really means the world to small business owners and it’s true, every time an order comes through, you’ll be sure to know a real person on the other side does a little happy dance!

You can shop all my flower crowns and accessories here in our new branded store, CONNIE AND LUNA.

Our studio Instagram is now at @CONNIEANDLUNASTUDIO.