Two weekends ago, Tom and I welcomed a new member into our little home. Meet Toro, he’s a 12 week old papillon cutie. Our love and light, and our little burst of sunshine every day. Every day, he’s teaching us something new and every day, we’re learning a bit more about him.

Tom and I have always wanted a dog to join our family. Having a pet just makes the household feel complete and so when we were house hunting for our properties, we made sure we’d purchase a free-standing house with a large backyard so that there’d be room for our future fluff ball to run around. Since settling in, we’ve been searching for our puppy. Actually I kid, we’ve been searching long before we moved in. It turns out, papillons aren’t so common in Australia and so it took a while before we were able to find a puppy for us. Whilst I’ve seen quite a few papillons in parts of Europe and many in Japan, I haven’t actually ever seen one on the street here. But there’s so much to love about this adorable toy breed. Papillons are the cutest balls of energy – don’t let their little size trick you, they’re packed full of fun. They’re also really intelligent little things and full of character. We can’t wait for a lifetime of adventures with our Toro – you’ll be sure to see more of him around soon.

Welcome to the family, little one!

Find Toro’s daily antics up on @torothepapillon – a little page made for all our friends and family to follow his adventures :)

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