– In partnership with OPPO Mobile –

Mobile photography is BIG these days – gone are the times when you had to carry around a separate camera just to snap pics on the go. These days, phones are more than just phones and having a good built-in camera is a crucial consideration when it comes to shopping for a smartphone.

This week I’m partnering with OPPO Camera Phone to share with you five tips for making mobile photography great, with the help of their new OPPO R15 Pro smart phone. The OPPO R15 Pro is the latest phone released by OPPO and comes in two colours – cosmic purple (what I have here) and ruby red. Its interface is easy to use and it charges real fast – the VOOC Flash Charge charges up to 75% battery power in just 30 minutes. This phone is also water resistant & has tap & pay perfect for on-the-go purchases. But what OPPO really focuses on is the camera, which is great for an Instagram user like me.

OPPO phones are especially big on camera tech and the OPPO R15 Pro is the perfect camera smart phone for capturing pictures on the go. So if you’re looking for a phone with a great camera, here’s five ways on how mobile photography can be made better with OPPO.

1. High quality selfies with ease

I love a good selfie and the OPPO R15 Pro makes selfie taking much easier – it’s got a wider than usual front camera which means you only have to hold your phone a short distance from you to capture an image. Gone are the days of extending your arm so far it looks dislocated in the picture! One other thing I love about the front camera on the R15 Pro is that there is a feature where you can take a photo by simply holding your palm to the screen. Once detected, the camera will auto-snap a picture after a count of 3. This makes it super easy to take selfies of groups of people, especially when you find it hard to click the camera butter on the screen. Both the front and rear camera are 20MP meaning you get really great quality images, even on the selfie cam.

2. Built in stickers + filters

I love posting selfies, OOTDSs and other bits from my day on Instagram stories and especially love customising pictures with unique filters. The OPPO R15 Pro makes this super easy and quick because it actually has stickers and filters built into the camera so you can take personalised pictures with cute face filters on the go, without having to open multiple apps. Here are a selection of some of my favourite ones stickers and filters (matcha, autumn & blueberry), they’re so perfect for posting on Instagram stories and are super cute as well!

By the way, I created these collages in the camera app of OPPO – there’s heaps of built in editing options including one click collages like these!

3. AI-Beauty Technology

And the selfie options get better.. the R15 Pro has a built-in AI-Beauty feature where it detects your features and can automatically enhance your complexion and improve the clarify and contrast of the selfie. This is like that FaceTune app, but without even having to open it. The thing I actually love about this feature is that it has different options / levels where you can set the amount of AI-Beauty tech you want applied to your image.

On the left side, you can see a before (top) and after (bottom) of me trying out the beauty editing options which you can apply post-photo in the app. The built-in editing applies filters that darken / add contrast to your eyes for that added pop. On the right, you can see me trying the AI-Beauty tech. I love it set on level 1 – this level gives the most subtle air-brushed look without looking too unnatural. These images are all straight from the phone without using any additional editing programs. Pretty fun stuff hey!

4. AI-Scene Recognition

The rear camera also comes with AI tech – the new AI Scene Recognition on the R15 Pro identifies up to 120 ‘scenes’ or environments and then automatically adjusts the camera settings to provide the best lighting and contrast of the image. Examples include beautiful HDR looking sunsets, beautifully contrasted pet portraitures & crisp images of food flatlays!

Here are some test images of Toro, using the rear camera. I have applied one of my custom presets on Lightroom to beautify the image but you can see overall that the image quality is really sharp and quite surprising for a smart phone. I’m especially impressed with the close up – one of the things I definitely miss about DSLRs when I’m not carrying one is their ability to shoot at apertures that create beautiful background blur. I used the portrait mode to create a beautifully blurred background in this picture that actually really reminds me of my DSLR.

5. Full Screen Design

OPPO phones come in large sizes as standard, the new R15 Pro takes it one step further with a super full screen design that covers the entire front of the phone. This is a beautiful update and from comparing the two photos above, you can really see how much larger you can zoom in on your images which makes it much easier on the eyes for both image viewing / editing, as well as watching all those youtube videos.

I’m loving these new features on the OPPO phone, it’s got some really neat tech packed into one stunning phone and I think you guys will love it too!

OPPO R15 Pro is now available in Australia – click here to find out more about the OPPO R15 Pro