Yay! Excited to bring you guys a new edition of my most recent zero waste living discoveries as well as other green things I’ve come across of late. I’m slowly converting our kitchen into a zero waste living zone and am excited to find products that are helping me along the way – read on below to find a few things I’m loving right now.

Seed and Sprout Farmers Market Set

One thing I’m really excited about is Seed & Sprout’s farmer’s market shopping set. It’s a beautiful shopping bag set which includes everything you could possibly need whilst going grocery shopping – muslin bags, mesh produce bags, string bags and their farmer’s market tote which has really great stitched in pockets made to hold bottles and jars without having them rolling around in the bag. With Victoria finally phasing out plastic shopping bags (to some extent), the farmer’s market shopping set is a great gift idea for someone who really needs some bags to kickstart their reusable shopping bag use. Alternatively, it’s also great for getting for yourself then sharing the set around with your household or friends. I share this set with Tom – between us we have more than enough for a week’s worth of shopping.


Slow Down and Grow Something 

Adding to my bookshelf of gardening books is the book release from @urbangrowers – Slow Down and Grow Something. Packed full of tips for backyard gardeners, I love flipping through gardening books to get me inspired with our backyard. Slowly but surely, I’m planning out a permaculture garden – hopefully when every aspect of it’s settled, we can find the time (and budget!) to get it going! I really miss our old veggie garden so much.

Reusable Clear Food Wrap

I’ve been trying out heaps of cling wrap alternatives of late. Lots of options are good for 70% of things but not 30%, so I’m always searching for something more. Seed and Sprout do a really cool set of stretchy silicone wrap. Compared to other silicone wrap I’ve used, this one’s a lot thicker, so it’s easier to store / pack away in that it doesn’t fold onto itself as much. It also has a really genius leakproof seal in that I wrapped that cup up and then tipped it side ways (wasn’t game enough to go upside down haha) and nothing spilled out! How cool!

Biome Zero Waste Skin Care Range

Biome have released a new zero waste skin care range where they’ve released multi-purpose products that you can mix and match to suit your needs. For example, you can create exfoliators, cleansers, toners, etc simply by mixing and matching the products. The clay + hydrofoil makes a exfoliator. The hydrosol by itself is a toner. Mixing the shea oil with the clay creates a mask, and by itself it’s a moisturiser. How cool! The products all come in glass packaging so that you can refill it in store or reuse for something else.

Portable lunch solutions

For those who want a beautiful way to carry home packed lunch without producing waste, Seed & Sprout do the most beautiful stacker bento box sets. They come compartmentalised so that you can separate different parts of your meal and each box is the perfect size for a good portion of lunch. They’re like stylish lunch boxes for adults! You can also get them in a set with their little pods which are great for carrying salad dressing or dipping sauces. I used mine for olive oil vinegarette. Super great especially if you do meal prep. Need a way to carry it to work insulated? They do a really cool lunch bag too ;)


Hope you enjoyed this post – I’ve been loving having these products around the house and hope you do too!