It’s our first home decor update for 2019! Those who have been following along for a while will know that Tom and I moved into our first home together about a year ago. Since then we’ve (I’ve) been busying myself with decorating our space into one to call our own. I want to create a space that’s warm and inviting, but also spacious and not too cluttered.

I’ve been filled with ideas for the office space for a while now and we’ve just welcomed the first little update to this room, some beautiful new chairs from Matt Blatt and this leather magazine rack to pretty up our office space. I’ve been eyeing these beautiful chairs for a while now and am so excited to have these in our home. I love the neutral, natural shades of leather here, they’ll go perfect with anything! The chairs are also so comfy – super important when you’re in front of the computer for so many hours a day.

Our next plan is to find the perfect office rug for this space, so that we can give this space an even more cosy look. Natural/jute or warm/bohemian patterned.. let me know what you think in the comments below!


Matt Blatt Replica Eames Office Chair in Ecru

Matt Blatt Replica Eames Office Chair in Light Brown

Matt Blatt United Strangers Leather Magazine Rack


Goodnight Macaroon Alyssa Striped Crop Top

Spell Designs Hanging Rock Maxi Skirt

Olivia Burton Enchanted Garden Watch

Vintage scarf