I wanted to share a quick blog post featuring a few images of the beautiful town of Ine No Funaya. We visited Ine after Miyama (as we were travelling by private car) but if I were to recommend someone taking public transport, I’d suggest them visit Ine with Amanohashidate – a place I didn’t get a chance to see.

Anyway, this little post is for Ine and its quaint beauty on the northern shores of Kansai Prefecture. Ine is a little fishing village with picturesque houses lining the water. It’s a view I loved seeing in person as it’s so unique to a place like Japan.

At Ine, you can take a short 30 minute boat ride around the bay to view the beautiful houses from the sea. At the pier where you catch the boat, there is something totally hilarious going on. Here, they sell prawn crackers for 100yen and this is for…feeding the birds, Japanese style! Some locals had purchased some of these packets and were feeding them to the huge birds flying around in the area.

These birds are called ‘kite’ birds and as you can see, I totally had way too much fun doing a little bird watching photo shoot haha.

At Ine, you can also drive up to an observation deck to see the area from above. Nearby, there is also a small parking lot which you can stop by to take some spectacular pictures of the houses by the water behind you.

This area is often known as the Venice of Japan and rightly so!

If you do visit Ine, again I recommend you to check out Amanohashidate too. Amanohashidate has a really famous sandbar which you can view from above. It’s actually considered one of the top three views in Japan! Both villages are quite far out from Kyoto so best to make the most of visiting the area.

Hope this post gives you a better look into Ine No Funaya and inspires you to drop by!