Only an hour’s flight from Bali, Flores Island & the Komodo Islands are one of Indonesia’s best kept hidden treasures. From beautiful viewpoints & rare pink beaches, to some of the world’s best spots snorkelling & manta ray watching.. to epic volcano crater lakes and of course the famed komodo dragon. There are so many different things to see and do at Flores & Komodo. All you need is your swimmers, sneakers and a big sense of adventure.

If you’re thinking of visiting, there’s no better time to book that trip than now. Here’s a selection of 13 images to inspire you to visit Flores & Komodo.

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Komodo Dragons

Padar Island


Sunrise picnic experience

Snorkelling with Manta Rays

Komodo Pink Beach

Sunset Beach Dinner Experience

Batu Balong, one of the top 10 snorkelling spots in the world

Le Pirate Private Island

Beautiful bungalows in Moni

Some of the stillest of waters

Hidden Valleys on the way from Ende to Moni

Makassar Reef