One of my favourite rooms to decorate is our bedroom – it’s a place of sanctuary and one you use every single day, so it’s only natural to want it to be an inviting, warm and organised space.

With us Aussies heading into winter soon – the time of the year where we all want to spend as much time as possible hibernating in bed – it’s the perfect time to look at refreshing the bedroom before the cold weather hits!

Today I’m excited to be partnering with IKEA to share some really easy bedroom makeover tips as seen in the recent IKEA + You campaign which transformed 10 bedrooms across Australia, helping Aussies learn more about solving some of the most common concerns when it comes to styling the bedroom – storage, decluttering and personalisation.

Inspired by the IKEA + You campaign, I’m sharing a little more about how to get better organised, find creative storage options and how to easily personalise your room without breaking the bank! I hope you find the below helpful in any bedroom refresh projects you have – everything is really simple to implement and can done on a budget in any home!

But first, a before and after to see how I transformed our space with just a few products.



1. Add hidden storage

I think we all are familiar with the problem where bedrooms just never have enough storage space. Sure a wardrobe is great, but it never seems to be enough space to store all your clothing, shoes, accessories, bags, travel gear, bed linen and more. One trick I love to use in solving such a problem is utilising the space under the bed as storage space.

IKEA has these fab VARDÖ under-bed storage boxes which roll out on castor wheels. You can assemble them to roll out in any direction and they’re basically like an extra drawer. It’s the perfect space to store bulky items that are used infrequently, as well as things like extra pillows and bed linen. These VARDÖ boxes are quite roomy and if you have a queen size bed like us, you can fit up to 4 of these under your bed.

2. Decluttering – take the floordrobe off the floor

I’ll be first to admit that I love a good floordrobe. I mean, endless, bountiful space right? But it’s totally not a long-term way to get by and a better option I have for you is this beautiful towel stand. The VILTO is actually made for the bathroom, but it’s also the perfect solution for decluttering all those things you throw in a pile and forget about. Instead of a floordrobe – hang up those clothes! This ladder also comes with a fabric attachment with pockets which is perfect for storing things like hair ties, bobby pins and eyewear. You can also hang hats, bags and other accessories at the ends of the rods as well.

Sometimes I find small things like necklaces and pictures always end up in a pile looking messy and getting tangled. This brass memo board MYRHEDEN is the perfect problem-solver for small things like these! My necklaces which always end up gathering dust on my bedside table can now hang neatly on the bottom of these hooks. My favourite printed pictures also hang even more organised than before.

3. Add personality to the bedroom in three easy ways!

For a busy person with no time to decorate, a bedroom can sometimes feel like a place to crash at night and not a space personalised to feel like yours.

Bed linen

One of my favourite ways to dress up a bedroom and make it feel more like me is to personalise using bed linen. Bed linen takes up so much visual space in a bedroom so it’s one of the biggest game changers when it comes to changing the look of a bedroom. Invest in bedding you actually love – I love light coloured designs, big prints with white backgrounds and IKEA does plenty of these on a budget like this stunning floral patterned TOVSIPPA set I have on my bed right now. Whilst you’re there, something soft to step on first thing in the morning like LUDDE is the perfect idea for winter too.

The ultimate bed hack in taking a bed from everyday to luxurious looking is adding millions of cushions and pillows, just like hotels! Pick up a few extra pillow and cushion inserts & covers next time and watch your bed come to life with this simple trick. Layering pillows and cushions can be done a multitude of ways. My fave simple kind of look is two Euros at the back and two pillows at the front. However today I decided to get super elaborate for winter – two DVALA pink Euros at the back, followed by three standard sized cushions (ELDTÖREL + SANELA in golden-brown + dark grey), then two layers of two pillows each. Just like sleeping in a cloud..


Prints are another favourite way to personalise a bedroom. You can use 3M style stick on hooks (be careful to follow the instructions when taking these off so you don’t pull the paint off) or you can use a simple old school picture hanging nail hook. IKEA has heaps of prints you can use in the bedroom and plenty of framing options as well. You’d be surprised how much wall art adds to a room – consider even hanging up some of your own works of art too! Featured here are the BILD posters.


I can never not talk about plants in a home decor post! My last favourite way to personalise is to add plants to a room. If you love looking after plants, then you’ll love using indoor plants and fresh flowers to decorate. However, if you feel like you’re more of a black thumb, why not consider dried flowers, ceramic cacti like SJÄLSLIGT or a couple of artificial plants as well. There’s so many options when it comes to adding greenery and it’s so worth experimenting with!

If you’re feeling a little bit inspired, do head to to see all the stunning bedroom transformations and to learn more from the IKEA interior design team on how you can transform your bedroom into a retreat that’s both beautiful and functional!

One of my personal favourites is this Marsden Park transformation and its beautiful use of storage options, natural textures, plants and light and airy bedding!

I hope you find this post helpful and let me know if you get around to implementing any of these tips!