Continuing onto Part 2 with even more things to check out in Byron Bay!

If you haven’t read Part 1 of my Byron Bay Travel Guide, you can find it here.

Three Blue Ducks + The Farm

One of my absolute FAVOURITE places in Byron Bay was The Farm Byron Bay. The Farm is a beautiful property consisting of Three Blue Ducks cafe/restaurant which is surrounded by a working farm.

Here you can start off by grabbing breakfast/brunch at Three Blue Ducks, and then spend the remainder of your time strolling through the beautiful farm grounds. There are a couple of tracks you can follow to explore the farm and along the route, you will find lots of information panels set up to learn more about the processes behind everything.

I absolutely love food gardens so this is like the best place ever for me. When you wander through the farm, you’ll come across lots of animals, veggie patches, flowers, banana trees and more. My favourite two little sites were the beautiful sunflower plantation area, as well as the cluster of macadamia trees set up so that you can pick your own macadamia nuts. We had an absolute blast here learning about macadamia harvest – they provide the tools needed to crack open your own nuts!

Little Wategos Beach + Most Easterly Point in Australia

A beautiful place to watch the sunset in Byron is at Little Wategos and the nearby walking trail to the headland here. It’s on the trail here that you will find yourself at the ‘Most Easterly Point in Australia’ – definitely a place worthy of visiting and grabbing a little tourist photo of!

The General Store

For a really casual and laid back meal, check out The General Store. They do your typical breakfast affair, Byron style, and have plenty of cute tables to sit at.

The Pressed Pantry

If you love a good acai smoothie bowl then definitely wander past The Pressed Pantry. My sister and I shared one together one afternoon and we can’t wait to go back for more!

Byron Bay Farmer’s Market

I love a good farmer’s market and regularly hit up our local one whenever it’s on (not often enough!) so when I heard about Byron Bay’s weekly farmer’s market, I thought let’s check it out! Even though we’re tourists and don’t really have a need to buy groceries, it was nice to explore for an hour and we ended up picking up a bunch of dragonfruits to enjoy.

Bangalow & Newrybar

Two little towns to explore near Byron Bay are Bangalow and Newrybar. Bangalow is a beautifully preserved 70s kind of feel town with a cute little shopping area (10 Station Street) – here you can find Rowie the Label as well as WOODS Cafe.

Newrybar which is a short drive away from Bangalow is another tiny town. In fact, it’s literally one strip of shops off the side of the highway, possibly no more than 200 metres long. Here, you can visit Harvest Newrybar, a lovely food destination that consists of a restaurant, cafe/deli and bakery. We had a delicious lunch at their deli. Also at Newrybar is Newrybar Merchants – a really great curation of local artisans and brands and the perfect place to pick up a gift or something for your home. Seriously the best curation of products!

Hope you enjoyed this guide! For Part 3, I’ll be sharing some of my favourite Byron Bay based brands.