Excited to share with you a tour of Club Med Kabira on Ishigaki Island, Japan!

We started our trip in Japan on Ishigaki Island in Okinawa to spend two weeks exploring the remote and untouched Yaeyama Islands. Our first stop was Ishigaki itself, and we were thankful to be hosted at the incredible Club Med Kabira on Ishigaki Island.

About Club Med

If you haven’t heard of Club Med before, they’re an all-inclusive resort where all meals, activities, sports lessons and events are included as part of your stay. When you stay at Club Med, it’s more than just staying in a room in a regular hotel or resort. It’s about the whole Club Med experience, and being able to access all these inclusions whilst staying at an incredible location with such friendly and warm staff (or as they call it, GOs ‘gentle organisers’).

On to the tour of Club Med Kabira!


During our stay at Club Med Kabira, we stayed in the family deluxe room with terrace garden. Club Med Kabira caters super well for families as well, so their room options have extra beds for family holidays as well!

Our room was clean and modern, and had quick direct access to Club Med Kabira’s beach with deck chairs out front opening out to a beautiful communal garden.


Club Med Kabira’s grounds consist of a large swimming pool, a private beach, huge restaurant (which serves buffet meals three times a day), bar with free drinks served all day, theatre, a shopping boutique, spa, sports activities like archery and trapeze and a gym!

Activities & Excursions

Every day, there is so much going on at Club Med. There are multiple activities on offer and included as part of your stay including archery, trapeze, snorkelling, mountain biking, tennis, swimming, squash, kayaking, windsurfing and more. The gym also has daily classes offering yoga & pilates.

During our time there, we managed to fit in snorkelling, mountain biking, some squash and a yoga class. If we had more time we would loved to have tried some more!

For those who want to explore even further, Club Med offers various excursions out of the resort (for an additional charge) to places like Iriomote Island and Taketomi Island. We didn’t opt for these this time as we had planned to stay at both islands after our visit to Ishigaki.

Buffet at the Restaurant

One of my favourite things about our stay was breakfast, lunch and dinner which was all served as buffet! With Club Med Kabira being able to cater for quite a large number of guests, they offer a buffet spread that was one of the biggest I’ve seen.

Every meal, there is a large variety of options in various cuisines. My favourites were the rotating Japanese dishes. It was our first time having buffet lunch and dinner in Japan so we were super excited when we saw the below items being served: chirashi bowls, green tea sober noodles, udon, cold ramen, sashimi, sushi, sukiyaki, beef tataki, Yaeyama soba noodles and more for the duration of our stay.

The buffet at Club Med Kabira was more than just a buffet, there were also chefs who would create a-la-carte dishes on the spot to complement the buffet offering and these dishes were just spectacular! One of my faves was the pesto spaghetti with grilled fish. If you see it there, you absolutely have to try it.

Nightly Show & Events

Every night, Club Med Kabira puts on a theatre show for the guests. After dinner, everyone gathers in the theatre in anticipation of the night’s show. These shows are created and performed by the staff (GOs) and it’s so incredible to see how multi-talented they are. We watched the Graffiti Show (a fashion x dance x comedy performance) as well as Just for Fun, a comedy / skit show. Both gave us plenty of laughs.

After the show, there is always another event happening at the bar. On one of the nights, we joined for Trivia with fellow resort guests and GOs, which was so much fun!

The staff at Club Med Kabira

The staff at Club Med Kabira were so lovely and they often join you at the table for dinner, as they eat at the restaurant as well. We found out that the staff came from all over the world from all sorts of countries like Indonesia, Chile and South Africa. Turns out, they often rotate around the world working at different Club Med resorts! So cool.

All in all we had a wonderful experience at Club Med Kabira. It was our first time doing an all-inclusive holiday and we had so much fun at the resort. I would especially recommend Club Med Kabira for those who want a really easy, fun holiday filled with good vibes and social activities. It’s great for both couples and families.

I can’t wait to see what other Club Med resorts offer around the world one day. There are 60+ Club Med resorts around the world including locations in Hokkaido, Maldives, Bali, Phuket and more!

Thinking of visiting Ishigaki? How to get there.

If you’re thinking of visiting Ishigaki, I recommend checking out the All Nippon Airways Experience Japan Fare which allows international tourists with a return ticket to an international country to access really discounted fares across the ANA Japan domestic flight network. Fares are between 5400 – 10800 yen which makes it really affordable to discover destinations like Ishigaki Island. So cool!

How long to stay in Ishigaki

For those who want to visit, I think 5-7 days would a great amount of time as there is also plenty to explore on the island which I’ll be covering in an upcoming post. Keep an eye out, there’s so much more to share!

Have you stayed at a Club Med resort before? Would love to know which one!