Sharing some of my favourite images from our recent shoot with Sweet Escape. I just love their service for holiday photography. How it works is that you book an escape in one of their cities, and they will match you with a local photographer on ground. These photographers will capture beautiful memories with the signature candid Sweet Escape photography style! With all editing down in-house at Sweet Escape, you’re guaranteed the same dreamy quality each and every time. All within 48 hours of your photoshoot.

We had so much fun shooting around Tokyo’s Asakusa area, this time in kimonos which we rented from YAE Japan – right around the corner from Asakusa temple Sensoji. They have a really beautiful range of kimono options and also do couple packages and hair-styling as well! We found it super convenient also as they were close to both Asakusa station and the beautiful area surrounding Sensoji. Definitely recommend.

Thank you Sweet Escape for these beautiful captures of our trip to Japan together!